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RFP: Mauna Kea Chilled Water Renovation Project

Agenda/Schedule for Mandatory Site Visit Feb. 22, 2017

Announcement of Opportunity

Instructions to Offerors

Representations & Certifications

Observatories Visitor Guide & Waiver Form (Acknowledgement Required)

Contractors Guide to Gemini North/MK

Attachment 1a: Construction Technical Specifications
Attachment 1b: Construction Drawings
Attachment 1c: Photos of Work Area
Attachment 1d: Price Breakdown (Excel file)

Attachment 2a: NSF Cooperative Agreement
Attachment 2b: NSF Terms & Conditions

Attachment 3: MK Equipment Provided By Gemini Observatory (Per MK Technical Specifications, Section 01010 Part 1/1.09):

  • Item a & b   CH-2N Modular Chiller & Isolation Frame
  • Item c& d   FC-1 Fluid Cooler & Isolation Frame
  • Item e       CP-5 Pump-end only
  • Item f & g   CP-6A & 6B Pump & Motor Assembly
  • Item h        CP-7 Pump & Motor Assembly
  • Item i         CP-8 Pump Assembly
  • Item j & k      AS-2, AS-3 & AS-4 Air Separator
  • Item l & m   ET-3 & ET-4 Expansion Tank
  • Item n & o   HX-2 & HX-3 Heat Exchanger
  • Item p        FM-1 thru FM-9 Flow Sensors
  • Item q & r   TCV-1 & TCV-2 Temperature Control Valve
  • Item s & t   NS-1 & NS-2 2-way Solenoid Valve
  • Item uvw&x   Gemini Control Hardware
  • Item y       PS Pressure Sensors, Differential Pressure and Pressure Gauges
  • Item z      TS Temperature Sensors and Temperature Gauge