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Future Instrumentation at Gemini

Gemini currently has several instrument projects at various stages of development:



Gemini Remote Access to CFHT ESPaDOnS Spectrograph (GRACES) – GRACES is an experiment to combine the large collecting area of the Gemini North telescope with the high resolving power of the ESPaDOnS spectrograph at CFHT, to deliver high resolution spectroscopy across the optical region.  This will be achieved through a 270 m fiber optics feed from the Gemini North telescope to ESPaDOnS, at CFHT. GRACES will perform R ~ 50,000 echelle spectroscopy between 400 and 1,000 nm, with expected throughput redward of 600 nm exceeding those of currently available high-resolution spectrographs in 8-10 m class telescopes.  A result of a cooperation between CFHT, Gemini, and HIA (who will develop the hardware) GRACES is tentatively scheduled for commissioning in 2014.  For more information please visit the ESPaDOnS webpage at CFHT. See GRACES page here.

GRACES - A collaboration between Gemini, CFHT, and HIA, to determine if we can provide the Gemini community with a high-resolution optical spectrograph at a relatively low cost.

Gemini High-resolution Optical SpecTrograph (GHOST)

Gemini has contrcated with the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) for the continued design and construction of the Gemini High-resolution Optical Spectroraph (GHOS).  The AAO has, in turn, subcontracted NRC-H for the construction of the spectrograph.  The kickoff meetings have happened in May 2014 and the Preliminary Design review is expected in january 2015. 

Gemini is planning a Request for Proposals to build the next new instrument, currently known as "G4#3". Please see the G4#3 blog for updates.

In addition to these instruments, Gemini will release a new flexible instrument procurement process to procure more capabilities over the years.

For more historical documents concerning past instrument development, including the Aspen Process, please see this page