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The Gemini South Adaptive Optics Imager (GSAOI) is a near-infrared adaptive optics camera used with the Gemini Multi-conjugate Adaptive Optics System (GeMS) on Gemini South. GSAOI was built by the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA) of The Australian National University.

GSAOI provides diffraction limited images in the 0.9 - 2.4 μm wavelength range. The GSAOI imager detector is formed by 2 x 2 mosaic Rockwell HAWAII-2RG 2048 x 2048 arrays. Located at the f/32 GeMS output focus, GSAOI records images in a 85" x 85" field-of-view with a imaging scale of 0.02"/pixel and a gap between the arrays of ~ 2mm. In the adaptive optic sense, GSAOI is a wide-field imaging system with a 4080 x 4080 pixel detector format. 

The Instrument Scientist for GSAOI is Rodrigo Carrasco. Gemini science staff who also support GSAOI are Claudia Winge and Peter Pessev.


2014 Feb 21 - March GeMS run Cancelled

The Gemini South laser suffered a fault towards the end of the last GeMS run in February. The laser power has been lost to a level that prohibits useful science. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts of the laser team, we were not able to recover the laser during the run. The problem has been identified and a plan is under development to recover, which involves replacement of key hardware parts and realignment of the system. Internal and external specialists will collaborate to complete this work and return the laser to the level required to do science. Unfortunately, due to complexity and scheduling constraints, we have determined that this work can not be completed in time for the March run. Therefore, we have no other option than to cancel the upcoming GeMS run in March. Canceling this run will give the laser team a larger window to work together and recover the system to a good state for the April GeMS run.

See the Status and Availability pages for the latest news about GSAOI.

GeMS/GSAOI Science Highlights

GeMS/GSAOI science paper GeMS/GSAOI SV image GeMS/GSAOI first light image

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Also see the Near-IR Resources section, which contains generic information about observing at 1-5um as well as details about calibrations, standard stars, etc. that apply to GSAOI, NIRI, GNIRS, NIFS, Phoenix and FLAMINGOS2.


GSAOI cryostat and auxiliary systems