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Near-IR calibrations are discussed in detail on the general near-IR web pages, as they are generally similar for all Gemini near-IR imagers and spectrographs. A baseline calibration set (not charged to the PI) is taken for each observation, generally the minimum calibrations necessary to ensure the utility of the observations in the archive.

Note that for spectroscopic observations in the 1-2.5µm region wavelength calibration is derived from the lines in the spectrum of an argon lamp, telluric absorption lines in the spectrum of the calibration star, and/or OH lines in the spectrum of the night sky. In the 3-.5µm region telluric absorption lines provide the only wavelength calibration.

For AO imaging, baseline calibrations are the same as for normal imaging. Special calibrations, e.g. PSF stars, are considered part of the science program and will be charged to it.