Gemini South Status

Validity ToO Availability Instruments Availability Comment GMOS Config Open Status
Valid until 31-7-2023 Available for Target of Opportunity tonight Flamingos-2 Flamingos-2 available for ToO. Click Here Cannot determine status (as of 07/31/2023, 10:50:04 local time).
ESO GOES Satellite (VIS & Thermal IR)
ESO GOES Satellite (Cloud Top)
Site Conditions
Description of Webpage Plots and Values
Relative Humidity: 7 %
Temperature: 17.3 deg C
Wind Speed: 5.3 m/s
Wind Direction: 337 deg
Telescope Azimuth: cannot be determined
Dew Point: -18.4 deg C
DIMM Seeing: 0.934 "
MASS Seeing: 0.780 "