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Phase II Gemini Contact Scientists and National Office Support Staff

The Gemini Observatory Contact Scientists and National Gemini Office support staff assigned to pre-observation Phase II, observation execution and post-observing support of queue and classical programs for the current semester are listed in the table below. These individuals are also the contacts assigned in the HelpDesk (NGO staff at tier-1, Gemini staff at tier-1 and/or tier-2).

Although e-mail addresses are given, for all queries, including those concerning the Phase II process, please use the Gemini HelpDesk which has a streamlined interface keyed to your Gemini Program ID (e.g. GS-2004B-Q-12) and ensures efficient distribution of your query. 

In the left-hand columns are the names of the Gemini Contact Scientists, on the right are the National Office support staff. In both sections, the name as it appears in the configurable snapshot view of the Observing Database (see configure <semester> in the contents list) is given, as well as the actual name and e-mail address.


Gemini Contact Scientists National Office support staff
Name in configurable ODB table Name  E-mail address Name in configurable ODB table Name  E-mail address
eartigau Etienne Artigau Argentina
rcarrasco Rodrigo Carrasco favio Favio Faifer
rdiaz Ruben Diaz mercedes Mercedes Gomez
medwards Michelle Edwards claudio Claudio Quiroga
sfisher Scott Fisher Australia
afritz Alexander (Sascha) Fritz pfrancis Paul Francis
tgeballe Tom Geballe otoole Simon O'Toole
ggimeno German Gimeno onken Christopher Onken
pgomez Percy Gomez sdr Stuart Ryder
mhartung Markus Hartung Matthew.Whiting Matthew Whiting
thayward Tom Hayward Brazil
phirst Paul Hirst aardila Alberto Ardila
ijorgensen Inger Jorgensen bruno Bruno Castilho
slaycock Silas Laycock cassio Cassio L. Barbosa 
hlee Henry Lee max Faundez-Abans
sleggett Sandy Leggett ifernandes Iranderly Fernandes 
mmaier Millie Maier marilia Marilia Sartori 
smargheim Steve Margheim Canada
rmason Rachel Mason john.blakeslee John Blakeslee
rmcdermi Richard McDermid andre-nicolas.chene Andre-Nicolas Chene
bmiller Bryan Miller stephanie.cote Stephanie Cote
anitta Atsuko Nitta tim.davidge Davidge
ppessev Peter Pessev eric.steinbring Eric Steinbring
jradomski James Radomski Chile
frantakyro Fredrik Rantakyro gallardo Jose Gallardo
brodgers Bernadette Rodgers slopez Sebastian Lopez
kroth Kathy Roth Hawaii (University of)
rschiavo Ricardo Schiavon rjw Richard Wainscoat
astephens Andrew Stephens caa Colin Aspin
ctrujillo Chad Trujillo UK
jturner James Turner mrlb Marie Lemoine-Busserolle
kvolk Kevin Volk iks Ilona Soechting
cwinge Claudia Winge averma Aprajita Verma
United States
dbell Dave Bell
rblum Bob Blum
kcunha Katia Cunha
jelias Jay Elias
khinkle Ken Hinkle
joyce Dick Joyce
matheson Tom Matheson
dnorman Dara Norman
kolsen Knut Olsen
rprobst Ron Probst
jrajagopal Jayadev Rajagopal
seridgway Susan Ridgway
vsmith Verne Smith


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