Gemini Sciops Announcements Archive

2015 June 032015B Observing Tool
2015 May 29Observing databases offline June 2
2015 April 15Gemini IRAF 1.13 available in recent Ureka 1.5.1 release
2015 March 28Gemini South observing database offline
2015 March 20Gemini nightlog summaries now available
2015 February 272015B Call for Proposals Announced
2015 February 11Updated Observing Tool released
2015 February 09Observing databases offline Feb 11
2015 January 28New version of the Gemini IRAF package released (v1.13)
2015 January 20DD and PW proposals require 2015A PIT
2015 January 13OT Target Name Resolution Offline
2015 January 02Gemini North is now accepting proposals for the first cycle of the Fast Turnaround (FT) pilot program
2014 December 112015A Observing Tool released
2014 December 08Observing databases offline Dec 10
2014 November 19gemini_python X1 release
2014 November 12Gemini North ODB offline Nov 13
2014 October 15Patch to commissioning release for GMOS-S Hamamatsu CCDs
2014 September 29GNIRS Temporarily Unavailable
2014 September 23Gemini North ODB offline Sep 24
2014 September 11Gemini Frontier Fields
2014 September 09Gemini North ODB offline Sep 11-17
2014 September 05GMMPS for Hamamatsu CCDs available
2014 September 02Gemini North ODB offline September 2
2014 August 292015A Call for Proposals Announced
2014 August 06Gemini South ODB Offline Aug 6
2014 July 24DD and PW proposals require latest 2014B PIT
2014 June 162014B Programs and Schedule Announced
2014 June 162014B Observing Tool released
2014 May 30Observing databases offline June 4
2014 April 15Observing databases offline briefly April 16
2014 March 052014A Observing Tool update released
2014 March 03Observing databases offline March 4
2014 February 282014B Call for Proposals Announced
2014 February 20March GeMS Run Cancelled
2014 February 07GPI Call for Early Science programs
2014 February 032014A Phase I Tool update available
2014 January 272014A Observing Tool update released
2014 January 09Northern Observing Database offline Jan 9-10
2013 December 092014A Observing Tool released
2013 December 04Observing Databases & OT availability
2013 December 04Announcement of Opportunity for Large and Long Programs
2013 November 29Observing databases offline December 3
2013 October 14New version of the Gemini IRAF package released (v1.12)
2013 September 26PIT Issue on Mac OSX
2013 September 132013B Observing Tool update available
2013 September 11Observing databases offline briefly September 12
2013 September 03Observing databases offline September 5 (North) and 9 (South)
2013 August 302014A Call for Proposals Announced
2013 August 20GS observing database connections intermittent August 19-23
2013 July 01Gemini South observing database offline July 3