Gemini Sciops Announcements Archive

2014 January 09Northern Observing Database offline Jan 9-10
2013 December 092014A Observing Tool released
2013 December 04Observing Databases & OT availability
2013 December 04Announcement of Opportunity for Large and Long Programs
2013 November 29Observing databases offline December 3
2013 October 14New version of the Gemini IRAF package released (v1.12)
2013 September 26PIT Issue on Mac OSX
2013 September 132013B Observing Tool update available
2013 September 11Observing databases offline briefly September 12
2013 September 03Observing databases offline September 5 (North) and 9 (South)
2013 August 302014A Call for Proposals Announced
2013 August 20GS observing database connections intermittent August 19-23
2013 July 01Gemini South observing database offline July 3
2013 June 172013B Programs and Schedule Announced
2013 June 05New MOS mask design software released
2013 June 04Northern Observing Database offline June 5
2013 May 31Observing databases offline June 4
2013 May 15Updated beta version of the Gemini IRAF package released (v1.12beta2)
2013 April 25GNIRS Status and Availability Change
2013 April 25Gemini North June/July Schedule Revised
2013 April 19GMOS Lick standard spectra available
2013 March 27GS observing database offline
2013 March 26Updated 2013B PIT fixes guide star bug
2013 March 22Image quality of FLAMINGOS-2 lab measurements
2013 March 15Gemini South Shutdown March 25-April 4
2013 March 062013A Observing Tool update available
2013 March 012013B Call for Proposals Announced
2013 March 012013B Phase I Tool Released
2013 February 26Gemini North Observing Database Online
2013 February 22Gemini North Observing Database offline Feb 26
2013 February 04Successful Shutdown at Gemini North
2013 February 04Latest GeMS/GSAOI commissioning and SV run completed
2013 January 23Shorter Gemini North shutdown now
2013 January 03Gemini South Observing database offline January 8
2012 December 172013A Programs and Schedule Announced
2012 December 13Beta version of the Gemini IRAF package released (v1.12beta)
2012 December 102013A Observing Tool released. Now in 32- and 64-bit.
2012 December 062013A Observing Tool released
2012 December 04Observing databases offline Dec 5
2012 December 03Gemini North Observing Database online
2012 December 03Gemini North Observing database offline December 3
2012 October 17GeMS/GSAOI programs selected for SV observations in 2012B
2012 August 31Updated 2012B Observing Tool released
2012 August 312013A Call for Proposals Announced
2012 August 272013A Phase I Tool Released
2012 August 14Gemini observing databases online
2012 August 14Gemini North observing database offline August 14
2012 July 31Gemini North observing database online
2012 July 30Gemini North observing database offline July 31
2012 July 062012B OT video tutorials available