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GS Telescope Interiors

A Moonlit Giant

This stunning photograph, taken with a fish-eye lens from inside the Gemini South dome, shows the telescope in its altazimuth mount, pointing just high enough so that its giant 8-meter primary mirror is visible. 

Gemini South Laser Guide Stars

On January 22, 2011, a new era in high-resolution astronomy began with the successful propagation of a 5-star sodium laser guide star “constellation” in the skies over Cerro Pachón in Chile. The images here clearly show this monumental event and the five laser-produced stars shining in the sky (inset). 

Gemini South by Moonlight

The Gemini South telescope on Cerro Pachón in Chile is illuminated by the setting moon (visible on left, through vent-gate). At the bottom of this fisheye lens view, the Near-Infrared Cronagraphic Imager (NICI) is illuminated. NICI is currently being used extensively in planet-search programs due to its ability to see faint objects very close to bright stars.