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Performance Monitoring

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  • To monitor periodically, on both sites, critical instrumental characteristics such as throughput, image quality, and detector cosmetics. The two main motivations are to oversee the general health of the Gemini telescopes and instruments as well as to improve the quality of Gemini data products.

Description & Goals

Gemini Observatory has an assorted suite of instruments, each requiring a specific set of measurements in order to ascertain that ideal conditions for operation are met. In the links below a summary of all the measurements contained in "wish lists'' elaborated by the various instrument scientists is presented. The frequencies quoted for each kind of observation may need to be adjusted on the basis of the observed time scales for variation of the different features. In some cases, it can be seen that the observations are actually aimed at, or can be used for, monitoring telescope, rather than instrument health. That is the case of, for instance, pupil images taken with NIRI. Other examples are mirror emissivity measurements taken with Michelle, and the combination of throughput measurements with different instruments, which can be used to disentangle mirror reflectivity from instrument throughput variations.


The goal of this project is to periodically monitor all key characteristics of all instrumental modes, as detailed in the links below. Currently, the only instrumental feature being monitored automatically with results presented online is throughput in both imaging and spectroscopic modes of GMOS North and South, and NIRI in imaging mode.  NIFS will soon be available as well.  Automatic monitoring of other features will be implemented as resources allow.  Available data can be accessed through links in this section, or by going straight to Data Products.

Data Products

Data are available for the following instruments:
Performance Monitoring | Gemini Observatory


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