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Phase III - Data Reduction and Analysis

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This page covers everything that is part of Phase III, i.e., the data reduction, analysis  and publication. It provides, among other things, information about Gemini data, how to get them, how to reduce them and how to acknowledge them in your publications. It also offers various ways to get support from Gemini with data reduction, and to send feedbacks to Gemini on your experience as PI.  An comprehensive overview of Gemini data reduction resources is also available from the US NGO.

1. After the Data are taken

  • 1.1 How can you know you've got data? The New Data Notification is a nightly email notification of new data sent to program's PIs.
  • 1.2 What guarantees the data you received meet your expectations?Quality Assessment is performed every day on new data following strict criteria.
  • 1.3 How can you get the data (from your program or from the archive)? The Gemini Observatory Archive is the primary conduit to download Gemini data.

2. Understanding and Processing the Data

3. Getting support

  • 3.1 You have a question about Gemini IRAF? Start with our FAQ or known issues and problems.
  • 3.2 You are running into an issue? Please submit a helpdesk ticket with the appropriate information.
    3.3 You may find useful info in past Data Workshops that include data reduction tutorials.

    Additional Resources:

    Data Reduction User Forum: User-supported location for trading ideas, scripts and best practices, and taking part in user-driven public discussions of data reduction processes and strategies.
    US NGO data reduction portal: Discussion of and links to data reduction procedures for all current Gemini instruments.

4. Publishing Results

5. Providing Feedback

  • 5.1 Summary and results from the Semesterly Short Surveys.
  • 5.2 Send us your feedbacks on our long form (NOT AVAILABLE YET). Note that Gemini requires that all PV and classical PIs provide feedback in order to monitor data quality and observatory performance.

You still have a question after going through the information available on those sections? All queries regarding Gemini data should be made through the Gemini HelpDesk.