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Papers describing aspects of GRACES: 

  1. Thermal stability improvements to the ESPaDOnS spectrograph with the addition of a thermal enclosure, Barrick, G., Benedict, T., Moutou, C., Malo, L., White, J., Chené, A.-N., Lundquist, M. 2016, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9908, id. 990860, 60 pp.
  2. GRACES: Gemini remote access to CFHT ESPaDOnS spectrograph through the longest astronomical fiber ever made: experimental phase completed, Chené, A.-N., Padzer, J., Barrick, G. et al. 2014, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9151, id. 915147, 16 pp.
  3. The FRD and transmission of the 270-m GRACES optical fiber link and a high numerical aperture fiber for astronomy, Pazder, J., Fournier, P., Pawluczyk, R., & van Kooten, M. 2014, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9151, id. 915124, 24 pp.
  4. A comparison of the mechanical design of fiber feeds for GRACES and GHOS, Anthony, A., Hill, A., Pazder, J., Szeto, K., Halman, M., Tollestrup, E., and Barrick, G. 2012, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 8446, article id. 84464A, 14 pp.
  5. GRACES, the Gemini remote access CFHT ESPaDOnS spectrograph: initial design and testing, Tollestrup, E. V., Pazder, J., Barrick, G., Martioli, E., Schiavon, R., Anthony, A., Halman, M., and Veillet, C. 2012, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 8446, article id. 84462A, 10 pp

Papers about the extracion pipeline OPERA:

  1. OPERA: Open-source Pipeline for Espadons Reduction and Analysis, Teeple, Douglas 2014, Astrophysics Source Code Library, record ascl:1411.004
  2.  Open source pipeline for ESPaDOnS reduction and analysis, Martioli, E., Teeple, D., Manset, N., Devost, D., Withington, K., Venne, A., Tannock, M. 2012, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 8451, article id. 84512B, 21 p

This document from CFHT, OPERAperformance.pdf, describes the performance of Opera in comparison with Libre-Esprit on Espadons data, which is also relevant for GRACES data reduction.

Papers about the extracion pipeline DRAGraces:

  1. DRAGraces: A Pipeline for the GRACES High-resolution Spectrograph at Gemini, Chené, A.-N., Mao, S., Lundquist, M., Martioli, E., Carlin, J. L. 2021, AJ, 161, 109 
  2. DRAGraces: An open source pipeline to extract your GRACES data!, Chené, A.-N. 2017, AAS Meeting #229, id.236.08 
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