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While Gemini is once again observing after the Cyber Incident, there are some operational issues which we are still working out. We are writing to inform you of the operational limitations we are working under while work continues.

In particular, some of the usual tools for communicating program status are currently unavailable or not fully functional, and we are actively working to minimize the impact on users.

Due to the Cyber Incident, it is possible that emails or other communications (from the Observing Tool) may have been lost. If you, as a Principal Investigator, have not received an expected response, please get in touch with your Contact Scientist directly. Feel free to make as much contact as you need, and kind reminders to your Contact Scientists are always welcome.

We are aware that some programs with early targets were impacted by the initial shutdown period. Band 1 programs will persist for one semester as usual, and we will make a best effort for programs associated with Ph.D. Theses. Fast Turnaround (FT) and Director's Discretionary (DD) time may provide alternative routes for completing programs.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during what continues to be a challenging time. If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to your Contact Scientist.

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