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Gemini North Observatory Restricted Operations

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The secondary mirror of Gemini North Observatory has had a non-functional xy positioner since Tuesday January 4, 2022. Troubleshooting actively continues, however the fault remains unresolved. On the night of Friday January 7, 2022, we started taking data for programs that can handle poor seeing, with targets that reach an elevation greater than 55 degrees. The lack of the xy positioner introduces coma into the images, which is worse at lower elevations. At the higher elevations the coma tail extends about 2 arcseconds, with an average delivered IQ of about IQ85. We are working with 21B and 22A PIs to make use of the available night time  with the compromised telescope. PIs are encouraged to contact the support scientist if they believe their program can make use of the poor seeing, with approved targets which reach the required elevation.

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