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GS Telescope shutdown on February 21st due to P2WFS repairs

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It has been found after extensive troubleshooting that the Peripheral Wave Front Sensor 2 (P2WFS) has a mechanical issue and is out of order. To address this issue the P2WFS will have to be replaced in the telescope by a dummy unit while it is being repaired. We are planning for this intervention starting Monday February 21st and the removal and installation of the dummy unit will take two days and thus the telescope will not be available from the Night February 21st to 22nd. The repairs will then proceed on the P2WFS and we expect that we can do the reinstall the week after on February 28th

The loss of availability of the P2WFS is likely to only affect non-sidereal targets with high proper motion as normal targets can be observed using the On Instrument WFS (OIWFS) on both GMOS-S and F2 and all Speckle Imaging using ZORRO.

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