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Gemini Featured at Extreme Solar Systems III Conference

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Observations using the Gemini Planet Imager are featured prominently at the Extreme Solar Systems III meeting ongoing this week (Nov. 29 - December 4) in Waikoloa Hawai‘i. Below are two results from a press conference on December 1, 2015.

University of California Berkeley astronomer Paul Kalas and Abhijith Rajan (Arizona State University) kicked things off with a summary of their team’s work entitled “Resolving the HD 106906 Disk with the Gemini Planet Imager.” See the UC Berkeley press release.

Following the presentation by Kalas and Rijan, Subaru astronomer Thayne Currie presented his work on an early forming exoplanet system around the star HD 100546. For more details on this work see the Gemini Webfeature story “Astronomers Spy a Nursery of Baby Exoplanets.”

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