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Semester 2023B Important Dates

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Key dates and events in the proposal process are shown below. 

Date Event Comments
(varies with participant) Proposal deadline Proposals received by National Gemini Offices (NGOs).
Late April/Early May (set by participant) NTAC meetings Scientific assessments by each Gemini participant ("National TAC").
13 May 2023 E-transmission Electronic transmission of NTACs results to Gemini.
1 June 2023 ITAC Merging of NTAC results completes by this date. If issues or conflicts remain, the ITAC representatives meet on this date. The list of recommend programs is sent to the Gemini Director.
15 June 2023 23B schedule and Phase IIs available 2023B OT templates available to successful PIs.
5 July 2023 Phase II reviews start The response time is 7 days for checking from "For Review" and from "For Activation".
19 July 2023 Phase II deadline Mandatory for all PIs (earlier submission is encouraged).
1 August 2023 Start of semester 2023B 2023B programs may be observed earlier to fill queue nights.