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[O III] λ5007 emissions in extremely red quasars (ERQs) are compactLau, Marie Wingyee; Perrotta, Serena ; Hamann, Fred ; Gillette, Jarred; Rupke, David S. N.; Vayner, Andrey ; Zakamska, Nadia L.; Wylezalek, Dominika2024-08Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyNIFS+LGSFT/US
GHOST commissioning science results - III. Characterizing an iron-poor damped Lyman α system Berg, Trystyn A. M.; Hayes, Christian R. ; Cristiani, Stefano; McConnachie, Alan; Robertson, J. Gordon ; Sestito, Federico; Simpson, Chris; Waller, Fletcher; Chin, Timothy ; Densmore, Adam ; Diaz, Ruben J. ; Edgar, Michael L. ; Fuentes Lettura, Javier ; Gómez-Jiménez, Manuel ; Kalari, Venu M. ; Lawrence, Jon ; Margheim, Steven ; Pazder, John ; Ruiz-Carmona, Roque; Salinas, Ricardo; Silva, Karleyne M. G. ; Silversides, Katherine; Venn, Kim A.2024-07Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGHOSTCOM
The Aligned Orbit of a Hot Jupiter around the M Dwarf TOI-4201Gan, Tianjun; Wang, Sharon X.; Dai, Fei; Winn, Joshua N.; Mao, Shude; Xu, Siyi; Pallé, Enric; Bean, Jacob L.; Brady, Madison; Brown, Nina; Lu, Cicero; Luque, Rafael; Mocnik, Teo; Seifahrt, Andreas; Stefánsson, Guđmundur K.2024-07The Astrophysical Journal LettersMAROON-XFT/US
Discovery of the Optical and Radio Counterpart to the Fast X-Ray Transient EP 240315aGillanders, J. H.; Rhodes, L.; Srivastav, S.; Carotenuto, F.; Bright, J.; Huber, M. E.; Stevance, H. F.; Smartt, S. J.; Chambers, K. C.; Chen, T. -W.; Fender, R. ; Andersson, A.; Cooper, A. J.; Jonker, P. G.; Cowie, F. J.; de Boer, T. ; Erasmus, N.; Fulton, M. D.; Gao, H.; Herman, J. ; Lin, C. -C.; Lowe, T. ; Magnier, E. A.; Miao, H. -Y.; Minguez, P. ; Moore, T.; Ngeow, C. -C.; Nicholl, M.; Pan, Y. -C.; Pignata, G.; Rest, A. ; Sheng, X.; Smith, I. A.; Smith, K. W.; Tonry, J. L.; Wainscoat, R. J.; Weston, J. ; Yang, S. ; Young, D. R. 2024-07The Astrophysical Journal LettersGMOS-NUH
On Its Way to the Neutron Star–White Dwarf Binary Graveyard, IGR J16194‑2810, A First Ascent M Giant X-Ray BinaryHinkle, Kenneth H.; Fekel, Francis C.; Straniero, Oscar; Maas, Zachary G.; Joyce, Richard R.; Lebzelter, Thomas; Muterspaugh, Matthew W.; Sowell, James R.2024-07The Astrophysical JournalIGRINS/PHOENIXUS
JWST-TST High Contrast: JWST/NIRCam Observations of the Young Giant Planet β Pic bKammerer, Jens; Lawson, Kellen; Perrin, Marshall D.; Rebollido, Isabel; Stark, Christopher C. ; Stolker, Tomas; Girard, Julien H.; Pueyo, Laurent ; Balmer, William O.; Worthen, Kadin; Chen, Christine; van der Marel, Roeland P.; Lewis, Nikole K.; Ward-Duong, Kimberly; Valenti, Jeff A.; Clampin, Mark; Mountain, C. Matt2024-07The Astronomical JournalGPI/NICILP/UK/US/GS/GT/CA
Supernova Ejecta with Crystalline Silicate Dust in the Supernova Remnant MSH 15–52Kim, Hyun-Jeong; Koo, Bon-Chul; Onaka, Takashi2024-07The Astronomical JournalTRECSJP
Galaxy group-associated distances to very high energy gamma-ray emitting BL Lacs KUV 00311-1938 and S2 0109+22Koljonen, Karri I. I.; Lindfors, Elina; Nilsson, Kari ; Heinämäki, Pekka ; Kotilainen, Jari2024-07Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-N/AR
Resolved properties of a luminous hinge clump in the compact group of galaxies NGC 6845Olave-Rojas, Daniela E.; Hernandez-Jimenez, José A.; Torres-Flores, Sergio ; Mora, Marcelo D. ; Firpo, Veronica2024-07Astronomy & AstrophysicsGMOS-SCL
Migration and Evolution of giant ExoPlanets (MEEP). I. Nine Newly Confirmed Hot Jupiters from the TESS MissionSchulte, Jack; Rodriguez, Joseph E.; Bieryla, Allyson; Quinn, Samuel N.; Collins, Karen A.; Yee, Samuel W.; Nine, Andrew C.; Soares-Furtado, Melinda; Latham, David W.; Eastman, Jason D.; Barkaoui, Khalid; Ciardi, David R.; Dragomir, Diana; Everett, Mark E.; Giacalone, Steven; Mireles, Ismael; Murgas, Felipe; Narita, Norio; Shporer, Avi; Strakhov, Ivan A.; Striegel, Stephanie; Vaňko, Martin; Vowell, Noah; Wang, Gavin; Ziegler, Carl; Bellaver, Michael ; Benni, Paul; Bergeron, Serge; Boffin, Henri M. J.; Briceño, César; Clark, Catherine A.; Collins, Kevin I.; de Leon, Jerome P.; Dressing, Courtney D.; Evans, Phil; Esparza-Borges, Emma; Fedewa, Jeremy ; Fukui, Akihiko; Gan, Tianjun; Gerasimov, Ivan S.; Hartman, Joel D.; Gill, Holden; Gillon, Michaël ; Horne, Keith; Horta, Ferran Grau; Howell, Steve B.; Isogai, Keisuke; Jehin, Emmanuël; Jenkins, Jon M.; Karjalainen, Raine; Kielkopf, John F.; Lester, Kathryn V.; Littlefield, Colin; Lund, Michael B.; Mann, Andrew W.; McCormack, Mason; Michaels, Edward J. ; Painter, Shane ; Palle, Enric; Parviainen, Hannu; Peterson, David-Michael; Pozuelos, Francisco J.; Raup, Zachary; Reed, Phillip; Relles, Howard M.; Ricker, George R.; Savel, Arjun B.; Schwarz, Richard P.; Seager, S.; Sefako, Ramotholo; Srdoc, Gregor ; Stockdale, Chris; Sullivan, Hannah ; Timmermans, Mathilde; Winn, Joshua N.2024-07The Astronomical JournalAlopeke/ZorroLP
[O III] emission in z ≈ 2 quasars with and without broad absorption linesTemple, Matthew J.; Rankine, Amy L.; Banerji, Manda; Hennawi, Joseph F.; Hewett, Paul C.; Matthews, James H.; Nanni, Riccardo ; Ricci, Claudio; Richards, Gordon T.2024-07Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGNIRSLP
TOI-4336 A b: A temperate sub-Neptune ripe for atmospheric characterization in a nearby triple M-dwarf systemTimmermans, M.; Dransfield, G.; Gillon, M.; Triaud, A. H. M. J.; Rackham, B. V.; Aganze, C. ; Barkaoui, K.; Briceño, C.; Burgasser, A. J.; Collins, K. A.; Cointepas, M. ; Dévora-Pajares, M.; Ducrot, E.; Zúñiga-Fernández, S.; Howell, S. B.; Kaltenegger, L.; Murray, C. A.; Pass, E. K.; Quinn, S. N.; Raymond, S. N.; Sebastian, D.; Stassun, K. G.; Ziegler, C. ; Almenara, J. M.; Benkhaldoun, Z.; Bonfils, X. ; Christiansen, J. L.; Davoudi, F.; de Wit, J.; Delrez, L.; Demory, B. -O. ; Fong, W.; Fűrész, G. ; Ghachoui, M. ; Garcia, L. J.; Gómez Maqueo Chew, Y.; Hooton, M. J.; Horne, K.; Günther, M. N.; Jehin, E.; Jenkins, J. M. ; Law, N. ; Mann, A. W. ; Murgas, F.; Pozuelos, F. J.; Pedersen, P. P.; Queloz, D. ; Ricker, G. ; Rowden, P. ; Schwarz, R. P.; Seager, S. ; Smart, R. L.; Srdoc, G. ; Striegel, S. ; Thompson, S.; Vanderspek, R. ; Winn, J. N.2024-07Astronomy & AstrophysicsZorroLP
The Metallicity and Carbon-to-oxygen Ratio of the Ultrahot Jupiter WASP-76b from Gemini-S/IGRINSWeiner Mansfield, Megan; Line, Michael R.; Wardenier, Joost P.; Brogi, Matteo; Bean, Jacob L.; Beltz, Hayley ; Smith, Peter; Zalesky, Joseph A. ; Batalha, Natasha; Kempton, Eliza M. -R.; Montet, Benjamin T.; Owen, James E. ; Plavchan, Peter; Rauscher, Emily2024-07The Astronomical JournalIGRINSLP
Feasibility of High-resolution Transmission Spectroscopy for Low-velocity Exoplanets Cheverall, Connor J.; Madhusudhan, Nikku2024-06The Astronomical JournalIGRINSCA
H α reverberation mapping from broad-band photometry of dwarf type 1 Seyfert galaxy NGC 4395 Gu, Huapeng ; Wu, Xue-Bing ; Wen, Yuhan ; Ma, Qinchun ; Guo, Hengxiao2024-06Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-NKR
Spatially resolved spectroscopic observations of gas emission in dwarf galaxies hosting accreting black hole candidate Heckler, Kelly F.; Riffel, Rogemar A.; Ricci, Tiago V. 2024-06Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-N/GMOS-SBR
GRBs from Collapse of Thorne–Żytkow–like Objects as the Aftermath of WD-NS Coalescence Peng, Zong-kai; Liu, Zi-ke; Zhang, Bin-Bin; Gao, He2024-06The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-NDD
Gemini Near Infrared Spectrograph‑Distant Quasar Survey: Rest-frame Ultraviolet‑Optical Spectral Properties of Broad Absorption Line Quasars Ahmed, Harum; Shemmer, Ohad; Matthews, Brandon; Dix, Cooper; Ha, Trung; Richards, Gordon T.; Brotherton, Michael S.; Myers, Adam D. ; Brandt, W. N.; Gallagher, Sarah C.; Green, Richard; Lira, Paulina; McLane, Jacob N.; Plotkin, Richard M.; Schneider, Donald P.2024-06The Astrophysical JournalGNIRSUS/LP
SMARTY: The MILES moderate resolution near-infrared stellar libraryBertoldo-Coêlho, Michele; Riffel, Rogério; Trevisan, Marina ; Dametto, Natacha Zanon ; Dahmer-Hahn, Luis ; Coelho, Paula; Martins, Lucimara ; Ruschel-Dutra, Daniel ; Vazdekis, Alexandre; Rodríguez-Ardila, Alberto; Chies-Santos, Ana L.; Riffel, Rogemar A.; La Barbera, Francesco ; Martín-Navarro, Ignacio; Falcón-Barroso, Jesus ; Moura, Tatiana2024-06Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGNIRSBR
Orbital and Atmospheric Characterization of the 1RXS J034231.8+121622 System using High-resolution Spectroscopy Confirms that the Companion is a Low-mass StarDo Ó, Clarissa R.; Sappey, Ben; Konopacky, Quinn M.; Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste; O'Neil, Kelly K.; Do, Tuan; Martinez, Gregory; Barman, Travis S.; Nguyen, Jayke S.; Xuan, Jerry W.; Theissen, Christopher A.; Blunt, Sarah; Thompson, William; Hsu, Chih-Chun; Baker, Ashley ; Bartos, Randall ; Blake, Geoffrey A.; Calvin, Benjamin; Cetre, Sylvain ; Delorme, Jacques-Robert; Doppmann, Greg ; Echeverri, Daniel; Finnerty, Luke; Fitzgerald, Michael P.; Inglis, Julie; Jovanovic, Nemanja; López, Ronald A.; Mawet, Dimitri; Morris, Evan; Pezzato, Jacklyn ; Schofield, Tobias ; Skemer, Andrew; Wallace, J. Kent; Wang, Jason J.; Wang, Ji; Liberman, Joshua2024-06The Astronomical JournalNICICA/GS/GT/UK/US

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