Science Operations Announcements

Observing databases offline

November 27th, 2009

Gemini is updating the Observing Tool (OT) and the observing databases (ODBs) in preparation for the 2010A semester. As a result, the ODBs are currently offline for fetch/store. Testing is ongoing and a new OT will be released soon, please monitor this site for additional announcements.

As announced, the 2010A OT will be using Java 6 instead of Java 5. This has implications for older Mac computers. Please see this announcement for more information.

OT and PIT planning update to Java 6

November 10th, 2009
For many years the Gemini Observing Tool (OT) and Phase I Tool (PIT) have been using version 1.5 of the Java language. Java 1.5 has now reached the end of its official service life (see In order to take advantage of many bug fixes and new features Gemini is planning to move these applications to the current version of Java (version 1.6 or Java 6) starting with the December 2009 OT.