Science Operations Announcements

Gemini IRAF Patch release for v1.14 to support new Flamingos 2 filters

April 19th, 2022

A patch release for Gemini IRAF v1.14 is available.

The replacement of two filters and the reshuffling of another in Flamingos 2 necessitated additions and modifications to lookup tables and modifications to the code. This patch release contains only the affected files. The patch is to be applied on-top of an already installed Gemini IRAF v1.14 package.

Installation instructions and content of the patch are available in gemini_v114_patch1.txt.

GS Telescope shutdown on February 21st due to P2WFS repairs

February 15th, 2022

It has been found after extensive troubleshooting that the Peripheral Wave Front Sensor 2 (P2WFS) has a mechanical issue and is out of order. To address this issue the P2WFS will have to be replaced in the telescope by a dummy unit while it is being repaired. We are planning for this intervention starting Monday February 21st and the removal and installation of the dummy unit will take two days and thus the telescope will not be available from the Night February 21st to 22nd.

Gemini North Observatory Restricted Operations

January 6th, 2022

The secondary mirror of Gemini North Observatory has had a non-functional xy positioner since Tuesday January 4, 2022. Troubleshooting actively continues, however the fault remains unresolved. On the night of Friday January 7, 2022, we started taking data for programs that can handle poor seeing, with targets that reach an elevation greater than 55 degrees. The lack of the xy positioner introduces coma into the images, which is worse at lower elevations. At the higher elevations the coma tail extends about 2 arcseconds, with an average delivered IQ of about IQ85.

DRAGONS v3.0.1 Patch Release Available

December 8th, 2021

A patch release of DRAGONS, v3.0.1, is now available.  This release includes bug fixes, small improvements, and fixes to the documentation.

If you already have DRAGONS v3.0.0 installed, a simple "conda install dragons=3.0.1" will update the package.  For further instructions and details, see

Observing databases offline Dec 9

December 7th, 2021

The Gemini observing databases will be offline for several hours on Thursday, December 9 while we perform software updates.

During this time the following services will be unavailable:

  • Observing Tool synchronizations and file transfers
  • Phase I Tool guide star probability queries
  • Target of Opportunity triggers

The new 2022A Observing Tool will be available after the update and will be required to access the observing databases.