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AOB Conceptual Design

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  • GNAO announcements:

  1. All documents provided on this webpage under the "Additional Reference Documentation" section are reference documents only. The information contained in these documents should not be taken as guidance by the AOB teams to design the AOB sub-system.
  2. The AOB teams are free to choose whichever optical design that will, as per their assessment, satisfy and optimize the AOB specifications, as specified in the document "2_GNAO-AOS-SPE-002-GNAO-AOB-Subsystem-Specification-Document-SSD-v2.0.pdf" (provided in the RfP package). Unlike the first RfP (released in 2020), this RfP does not request for the competing teams to assess and use one of the two design options that were originally proposed by the GNAO team at the Conceptual Design Review held in 2019.
  3. For the downselect to Phase B, the evaluation of everything related to the AOB to RTC interface implementation will be based solely on the information provided by the GNAO project to the AOB teams. This is also applicable for everything related to the AOB to GIRMOS interface implementation.
  4. During Phase A, direct or supervised interaction between the AOB teams and the other sub-system contractors cannot be allowed. However, during Phase B, the GNAO team, the AOB contractor and the other sub-system contractors will be able to collaborate more openly.

  • GNAO request:

The AOB teams are asked to create and update an "Action Item/Question Tracker" document. This document should reference all the requests for additional documentation and all the questions that the AOB team has asked to the GNAO project. The AOB teams are asked to provide an up-to-date version of this file before each monthly meeting. 

CoDR and Contract Transition

GNAO-AOB2-PRES-006  "AOB CoDR & Contract Transition Preparation" presentation    here        *New*


GNAO-AOB-QA-001 "GNAO AOB Questions/Answers Tracker" (Progressive) v7.0   here        *New*

Additional Reference Documentation

This section provide additional reference documents that have been requested by the AOB teams.

  • AOB related documentation

[AI ID 4] GNAO Facility Top-Level Milestones Schedule   here           

[AI ID 6] AOB Level 3 Requirement document (Editable version, DOORS export)   here 

[AI ID 10] M2 print-through phase maps (as used in GNAO-SYS-SIM-012)   here

[AI ID 11] Vibrations time series (as used in GNAO-SYS-SIM-010)   here  [Please see [AI ID 67] for the corresponding document]

[AI ID 24] Statut Report template (Word version)   here 

[AI ID 34] "3_AOB Level 3 Requirement Identification_v0.6" xmind (Editable version)   here

[AI ID 62] GNAO-SYS-SIM-001  "Simulated Performance of GNAO"   here

[AI ID 63] GNAO-SYS-SIM-004 "Wavefront Sensor and Deformable Mirror Design Parameters for GNAO"   here

[AI ID 64] GNAO-SYS-SIM-006 "Performance Delivered by All Adaptive Optics Modes in GNAO"   here

[AI ID 65] GNAO-SYS-SIM-011 "Performance of Various GNAO Observing Modes"   here 

[AI ID 66] GNAO-SYS-SIM-007 "Error Budget for GNAO"   here

[AI ID 67] GNAO-SYS-SIM-010 "Vibration Measurements using ‘Alopeke"   here

  • Gemini related documentation

[AI ID 9] Zemax files for Gemini Telescope (zip file of "GEM_F16_MK.ZMX" and "GEM_F16_MK23_all_apertures2.ZMX")   here

  • RTC related documentation

​[AI ID 2] RD2_TemplateAndGNAO_DesignDocument_CDR   here 

​[AI ID 2] RD3_HEART_External_Interfaces_CDR   here

​[AI ID 2] RD15_HEART_Internal_Interfaces_CDR   here

  • System Controller related documentation  

[AI ID 1] GNAO System Control Architecture Design (Draft)   here           

[AI ID 1] AOS System Control Architecture Design (Draft)   here              

  • GIRMOS related documentation  

GIRMOS.SYS.DD.0009.B  "GIRMOS Preliminary Design Document"   here

GIRMOS.MOAO.DD.0016.B  "GIRMOS MOAO System Preliminary Design"   here

GIRMOS.SCI.DOC.0001.C "GIRMOS Science Cases"   here        

  • GeMS related documentation

Paper "Gemini multiconjugate adaptive optics system review - I. Design, trade-offs and integration"   here

Paper "Gemini multiconjugate adaptive optics system review - II. Commissioning, operation and overall performance"   here

  • Relevant Reference drawings for ICD 1.5.3 to (ISS to AOB)

89-GP-1000-0003   Cassegrain Rotator Coordinate System   here             

89-GP-1000-0004   Available Cassegrain Instrument Space   here              

89-GP-1000-3001   Instrumentation Support Structure Assembly   here     

89-GP-1000-3002   Instrument Support Structure Body   here                    

89-GP-1000-3003   Instrument Support Structure Base   here                    

Notes:  i) A new report on the vibration investigation at GS and GN will be published in February/March 2023.

           ii) Drawings 89-GP-1000-4001 and 89-GP-1000-4002 are not provided here because they do not present relevant information for the AOB development.

  • Relevant Reference document for ICD 1.9 to 5.0 (Science Instruments to Transport Storage Operational Environments)

GHOST Memo – Dome Temperature Rate of Change   here        

  • Relevant Reference drawings for ICD 1.9 to 3.6 (Science and Facility Instruments to ISS Systems Services)

89-GP-1000-0004   Available Cassegrain Instrument Space   here                         

89-GP-1000-5004   Cassegrain Cable Wrap Instrument Services Panels   here     

83-GP-2000-1599   ISS Panels Distribution   here                                                   

AOB Conceptual Design | Gemini Observatory


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